A little bit about me...

I have loved sewing for as long as I can remember, ever since my mum convinced me her sewing machine worked by magic (I didn't know about the foot pedal she was secretly pressing). Sewing a doll and its entire wardrobe for my little sister progressed onto making my own clothes and I haven't stopped since.

On the Theatre Design course at Nottingham Trent University I specialised in costume and was lucky enough to be accepted for a work placement at The Custom Costume Company, where I then continued as an apprentice costume maker for over 2 years. There I learned many techniques, amongst them corsetry, tablet weave, scale maille, chain mail, leather carving and hand beading.

Since then I have worked as a freelancer for several theatres and done a lot of work with clients on an individual basis, creating all the different costumes the costumes and outfits they can dream of.

My absolute sewing passion lies in the area of historical costuming, be it a 17th century lace collar or a 1950's shirt dress, along with an ever growing collection of costume history books I love to use to research down to the tiny details to produce accurate costumes for museums and private commissions.

If you have anything in mind please don't hesitate to contact me.